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Destiny of cells is rule the world!!  Once upon a time God told to cells: Divide..and make some lineage..with fate…honor and couruage!! Till the the last drop of your bodylipid!!  

But someday darkness fell upon these brave cells.. a great danger was approaching it was evil, foul and had no heart at all. This machine collected them with deadly accuracy, … it was the MIGHTY PIPETTE that tormented these pure souls. It harvested them with no mercy into a shiny death-cold petridish, they ended there and felt sorrow.

In these grievous moments one cell didnt succumb to the highest bidder it wanted revenge for all the fallen brothers and sisters of its kin. It started to evolve strange feelings gathered inside its soul, these were unknown till now to the human world. Chains of DNA changed behind its strong cellwall and plasmolemma. It was something powerful, something new and delighted.. but had the core of hatred and pain. This cell grasped the form of revenge pulsating harmful chemicals and gruesome horror from its every pore, it turned against its captors and made them fall for their selfish actions.

After that ..silence had come.. only the smell of rottening and ashes were swinging in the atmosphere.. but only now had realized the cell that he also diminished the number of its kind. Destruction did not stop for any living. The cell now stopped wondering of what is right and wrong.. it took years.. decades.. thousands of years.. with the feeling of guilt it wanted to die to punish itself for what it did.

And now DNA changed once more inside the spikey walls of the monstrous creature. This was a battle inside .. and at the end of it, the cell had become able to forgive, believe in the remaining good, what was still in the ashes. The feeling of forgiving filled its soul and body alike. Trust in the generousity of life produced love..

It started to produce nutrients and hormones it gave birth to many new creatures..
The cell had become the ancient of every living creature, and these children beared both evil and good side of it.


(by Laci XD)

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